Kenya Agricultural Carbon Storage


Combat climate change and address food security for 30,000 small-scale farmers in Kenya, of which majority are woman. This project implements Sustainable Agricultural Land Management practices that store more carbon in the soil and trees compared to conventional agriculture. These practices also increase small-holder farmers agricultural productivity and strengthen farmers capacity to adapt to climate change.

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At a glance

  • Implements sustainable agricultural practices that effectively contribute to reduction of greenhouse gases by storing 36,902 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year  
  • Increases 30,000 small-farmers agricultural productivity and strengthen farmers capacity to adapt to climate change
  • 21,966 ha of land in Kenya has been put under Sustainable Agricultural Land Management (SALM) practices that sequester an average of 1.68 tCO2e/ha/year 
  • 184,447 tonnes of CO2e sequestered and verified (2010-2015)
  • 90% crops yield increase in 5 years resulting to increased food security for tens of thousands of families in Kenya. 
  • Holistic positive impact aligning with 8 United Nations Sustainable Goals including Climate Action, Zero Hunger, No Poverty and Gender Equality 

How it works

Vi Agroforestry climate compensation project covers an area of approximately 22,000 hectares in Nyanza Province and Western Province of Kenya. The project is aimed at small-scale farmers who have access to less than 1 hectare of land. About 30,000 farmers are involved in the project, of which majority are women.  

Farmers gain knowledge on Sustainable Agricultural Land Management (SALM) and implement these on their own farms. The methods, such as tree planting alongside crops, soil-covering crops and compost cover, store more carbon in the soil compared to conventional agriculture.   

Carbon dioxide is stored in both trees and soil by the farmers using sustainable cultivation methods. This carbon is converted into carbon credits where each tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent is 1 carbon credit. 

    Why we chose this project

    The Kenya Agricultural Carbon Storage project directly removes 36,902 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year and provides food security to 30,000 families in west Kenya. It is run by Vi Agroforestry, a Swedish development organisation fighting climate change and poverty.  Additionally, the project supports 8 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which include Climate Action, Zero Hunger, No Poverty, Gender Equality, Sustainable Communities, Responsible Consumption and Production, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Reduced Inequalities. 

    UN Sustainable Development Goals

    This project advances 8 out of 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


    The Kenya Agricultural Carbon Project (KACP) is validated by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS project ID 1225). The VCS methodology has robust and rigorous measurement system with Farmer-Based Activity Monitoring, validation and verification processes. 

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    Project type: Agriculture

    Agricultural Land Management projects reduce net Green House Gas emissions on cropland and grassland by increasing carbon stocks in soils and woody biomass and/or decreasing carbon dioxide, nitrogen and/or methane emissions from soils. 


    Project Manager

    If you’d like to get in touch directly with our project manager, Vi Agroforestry please email them at

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    What happens once I subscribe?

    Every month, you will be funding the best climate crisis solutions. Once we collect your payment, we distribute the funding to our carbon project partners. We also send out an email sharing updates so that you can follow your contribution.

    What’s the difference between Neutral, Positive and Hero?

    We’ve estimated that the average carbon footprint of our customers is around 880 kgs per month. But it entirely depends on your spending and your lifestyle. You can choose the subscription plan that fits best to your lifestyle and the level of contribution that you want to make.

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    You can cancel or modify your subscription anytime by login into your account on YAYZY’s website.

    How can I be sure these projects are really stopping climate change?

    YAYZY has a strict methodology that involves doing research, standards and due diligence to guarantee we’re selling the best projects that provide long-term global benefits. We make sure the projects provide:

    • Additionality: the project reduces greenhouse gas emissions that would not be reduced through other incentives

    • Leakage prevention: prevent the leak or shift to another location or activity

    • Permanence: making sure green house gases are prevented from entering the atmosphere permanently

    • Verifiability: an objective third party that measures the performance).

    However, don’t just take our word for it. We provide publicly available information that hopefully clarifies how each project is contributing towards climate change and links to our project manager websites and third party verifications. You can visit the climate compensation projects information page here.

    How can YAYZY prove my contribution is going to the projects?

    We publish certificates each month of how many tonnes of CO2 (‘carbon credits’) have been prevented from going into the atmosphere or removed from it.

    How does YAYZY make money?

    YAYZY takes a small fee of £0.0015 per 1kg of carbon offsets. So, if you offset 1,000kgs YAYZY's fees will only be £1.5. To account for overhead, for one-time purchases YAYZY charges an additional 20% fee on the total price. So, if you subscribe, you and the planet get a better deal.

    Our pricing model is cheap, easy to understand and transparent. Additionally, charging a flat fee incentivises us to reduce the prices of our projects and to treat all projects equally.

    The fees are reinvested in the development of climate technology to help everyone reduce their impact on the planet. We’re a for profit organisation because we believe for profits have more tools to tackle the biggest problem humankind faces.

    What are carbon offsets and how they fight climate change?

    A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that compensate for emissions made elsewhere. Carbon offsets are created by carbon offset organizations that prevent and remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere and verified by greatly renowned institutions.

    YAYZY works with the leading organizations across the planet that create the biggest positive impact on the environment and on society. Projects consist on protecting forests, using agriculture methods that remove carbon, clean energy generation and capturing carbon straight from the air.

    In case you want to learn more or suggest adding an innovative and impactful carbon offset project please reach out to

    Is it good enough to only subscribe to offset my carbon footprint to fight climate change?

    No! 🙉 Offsetting your carbon footprint do help prevent emissions and remove carbon from the atmosphere. However, the best solution to fight climate change is avoid emitting carbon and other greenhouse gases on the first place.

    The biggest contributors to your personal carbon footprint are fossil-fuel heavy transportation such as flights, fossil-fuel heavy electricity and red-meat-intensive meals. So, to help fight climate change try reducing your flight travel, switch to a green electricity provider and introduce a meat and dairy free day per week. Also help spread out knowledge with your family and friends.

    Try to reduce your footprint by fine-tuning your lifestyle and shopping wisely. And become climate neutral or climate positive by offsetting the purchases you can’t avoid like flying back home for holidays. YAYZY is here to help 😊

    It’s the easier way to compensate your impact on the planet. Select how much you want to contribute, and we’ll make the hard work of removing carbon from the atmosphere for you. You’ll save money too – subscriptions are priced cheaper than single offsets. You can pause, change, or cancel your subscription anytime.

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