Cambodia Forest Conservation


Support a forest conservation project that protects 497,000 hectares of tropical rainforest in South-West Cambodia which is globally significant for wildlife conservation, ecosystem servicing, community livelihoods and preventing 3 million tons of carbon emissions annually.

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    Project Details

    At a glance

    • Safeguards the forest and prevents more than 3,000,000 tons of carbon emissions annually 
    • Measurable and verifiable impact, protecting 497,000 hectares, safeguarding wildlife and securing intact forest ecosystems 
    • Helps more than 14 villages generate sustainable income by implementing sustainable community-based ecotourism 
    • Protects critical habitat for 17 critically endangered species including the Asian Elephant, Sun Bear, Pileated gibbon, and Hairy-nosed Otter. 
    • Leads a uniquely effective boots-on-the-ground environmental law enforcement model employing 130+ professional, trained, supervised, equipped, and mentored law enforcement rangers. 
    • Holistic positive impact aligning with 9 United Nations Sustainable Goals including Climate Action, Life on Land, Sustainable Communities and Gender Equality.  

    How it works

    Through the sales of the project’s carbon offsets, Wildlife Works and Wildlife Alliance are able to fund their work on the ground and implement a direct threat-based approach to safeguarding wildlife and securing intact forest ecosystems. 

    Wildlife Works and Wildlife Alliance partner with governments and communities to effectively protect the forest and help communities generate sustainable incomes which are reliant on maintaining intact tropical forest. They work with more than 15 villages across the landscape to implement sustainable Community Based Ecotourism.  

    \The project managers also lead a uniquely effective boots-on-the-ground law enforcement model focusing on professional, trained, supervised, equipped, and mentored law enforcement rangers. They operate across 8,347-km2 of the Cardamom Rainforest Landscape with 130+ rangers active 24/7 out of seven professionally equipped ranger stations. 

    The project has achieved demonstrable conservation results: The Cardamoms are the best protected body of rainforest in the region and they have significantly reduced deforestation (<0.3% annually), achieved Zero Poaching of Asian Elephant since 2006, and supported the recovery of populations of ungulates and carnivores. 

    The community projects directly benefit 29,000 forest dependent villagers from 15 communities and our award-winning model of Community Based Ecotourism is regarded as the best practice for community driven bottom-up conservation in tropical Asia. 


      Why we chose this project

      The Cardamom Rainforest Conservation project not only safeguards forests to prevent 3 million tons of carbon emissions per year but also provides holistic positive impact across 9 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which include Climate Action, Life on Land, Sustainable Communities, Gender Equality, No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Quality Education, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Reduced Inequalities. 

      UN Sustainable Development Goals

      The YAYZY Climate Compensation Portfolio advances 9 out of 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


      The Cambodia Forest Conservation Project (Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project) is validated by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS project ID 1748) and the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Standard (CCB) to the gold level for climate and biodiversity. 

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      Project type: Conservation

      Forests are essential in reducing global emissions and in 2018 captured a total of 37.1 billion tonnes of human caused emissions. Conservation projects aim to protect threatened forests from deforestation. 


      Project type: Conservation

      If you’d like to get in touch directly with our project manager, Wildlife Works and Wildlife Allianceplease email them at

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      YAYZY has a strict methodology that involves doing research, standards and due diligence to guarantee we’re selling the best projects that provide long-term global benefits. We make sure the projects provide:

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      What are carbon offsets and how they fight climate change?

      A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that compensate for emissions made elsewhere. Carbon offsets are created by carbon offset organizations that prevent and remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere and verified by greatly renowned institutions.

      YAYZY works with the leading organizations across the planet that create the biggest positive impact on the environment and on society. Projects consist on protecting forests, using agriculture methods that remove carbon, clean energy generation and capturing carbon straight from the air.

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      It’s the easier way to compensate your impact on the planet. Select how much you want to contribute, and we’ll make the hard work of removing carbon from the atmosphere for you. You’ll save money too – subscriptions are priced cheaper than single offsets. You can pause, change, or cancel your subscription anytime.

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